Music Time

As you will have guessed from the infrequent activity here at Mood Swings over a prolonged period, I’m struggling to find time to post updates here and, in fact, even finding the time to listen to music has difficult enough.


Having said the above, recently I have noticed that at the weekends I have a have a little time early in the morning to do a bit of surfing the web and listening to music before the rest the family gets up. Over the past few weeks I have discovered or re-discovered a few bands:


Keldian are band that describe themselves as ‘melodic sci-fi metal from Norway’.  I don’t know about you I find much of the power metal and progressive metal that turns up in my Spotify related artist suggestions to all sound very similar and after a couple of tracks I get bored. Well, Keldian seem to have more of a melodic bent to their music and I have been listening to them quite a lot over the past 3 or 4 weeks.



Way back when, I remember Scottish pop rockers Gun, occasionally making it into the charts, but never quite into my record collection. They seem to have been off my radar for quite some time and last year released an album called ‘Frantic’ which got positive reviews. The version I have been listening to is called ‘More Frantic’ which includes the fan only ‘East End EP’ and their version of Hot Chocolate’s ‘Everyone’s a Winner’. Listening to that album, I’m wondering why they never quite made it off my someday list onto the must buy list. Some very pleasing catchy pop rock.



And from catchy rock to something completely different, I recently started listening to Earthside’s ‘A Dream In Static’. It is definitely one that gradually sucks you into their world and one that you need to listen to a few times to appreciate.



And talking of albums that need multiple listens to fully take on board and bearing in mind the title of this post is “music time”, it is worth mentioning that Dream Theater have a new album out called the “The Astonishing”. It is a concept album that clocks in at 130 minutes. Think of it more as watching a long film than listening to an album. I have only listened to parts of it and read a few reviews. Like most of the reviewers, I haven’t made up my mind if it is a classic moment in their career or just too self indulgent. To be honest, I might never be able to make up mind about this one because I’ll never find the time to listen to the album all the way through!


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