Mood Swings is a website dedicated to Melodic Rock. It has been going in various forms for around 20 years.

It started off life as an experiment to make use of the free webspace provided by my ISP. At that time precious little information was available either in printed form or on the internet about the type of music I liked to listen to. Magazines like Kerrang had maybe half a page, with the rest of the magazine filled up with articles about heavier music. The initial plan was to simply write very basic reviews of the CDs I had bought that month and include a few news stories about bands I was interested in.

After a while a few bands & PR people got in touch asking me to review their CDs and add news about their music to the website. The amount of time spent updating the website increased and it become less of an experiment and more of a hobby.

Eventually I decided that the website deserved it’s own domain to give it a bit more identity. By this stage some of the more obvious names and domains had already been secured. Around this time I had also just became aware of Harem Scarem and their ‘Mood Swings’ album. I seemed that ‘Mood Swings’ perfected summed up the type of music of music that I liked to listen to – yes, I liked to listen to some heavier stuff, but I also loved AOR style power ballads. Again, someone had got there before me and I decided to abbreviate the name to ‘mswings’ for the domain name. Whilst I see and pronounce it m-swings, it seems other see ms-wings and think about Microsoft flight simulators!

With several small record labels feeding me review material, plus the albums I bought myself, the site was receiving regular updates and taking up quite a bit of my time.

The initial idea had been to cover AOR music, but the style of music covered has expanded over the years. Hard rock and AOR, got extended to heavy metal, pop rock, progressive rock, progressive metal, Christian rock and country rock.

The level of activity has varied over the years quite a bit. Always very much a hobby style project, it started out as something I really enjoyed doing. But, keeping a website up to date with new news items and reviews takes a lot of time and what started out as way of chilling out became a bit of grind as I found myself constant thinking what I would write  in a review of an album, rather than simply enjoying listening to the music. Gradually the amount of time available to devote to Mood Swings has decreased and the updates have become less and less frequent. Obviously, in parallel with the gradual decline in updates has been dropping off in the number of people supplying news stories and submitting albums to be reviewed.

And so we arrive at 2017. My WordPress installation is screwed up and mswings.com hosting is up for renewal again. I find myself still wanting to hang on in there and keep the website going. So I’ve reinstalled WordPress with a default theme and minimal customisation to hopefully ensure my website stays compatible with WordPress updates. Rather than post every news item that I come across, I’m going to treat this like my personal Melodic Rock scrapbook and only post items about band’s I personally am interested in. Maybe, if I have time, I’ll post a few reviews.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something of interest here at Mood Swings.