Bon Jovi – This House Is Not For Sale  (but maybe it should be)

I listened to the latest Bon Jovi album this evening and it completely passed me by.  It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t very exciting either. It was the perfect background music whilst I got on with doing stuff. Never once did I pause to listen to music. The first Bon Jovi album where I didn’t stop and have a listen to at least one song. 

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Recent Discoveries 11/12/2016

Aussies White Widdow have a new album out called “Silhouette”. As expected it is a classy blend of guitars, keyboards and harmonies. If your like your melodic rock to have a classic AOR sound, then well worth checking out.



If that is all too bright and breezy for you, the maybe Full Nothing’s self titled debut might be more to your tastes.



I’ve never quite ‘got’ these guys, but you have to admire them for still being around and doing a pretty good job at being consistent throughout the years. Enuff Z Nuff have a new album called “Clowns Lounge” out.



Finally whilst posting this brief update I’ve been listening to Liquorwork’s “Psycho Soundwaves”. Not sure  if it is a long term listen for me, but interesting  if you like instrumental progressive metal. There doesn’t seem to too much info about these guys online, apart from their Facebook Page.

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News 19/11/2016

First up are “From the Fire” who have released a new album called “Octopus”. Back in the day “Thirty Days and Dirty Nights” was one of those albums that I always had on my wish list, but never quite got around to getting. They got back together  few years ago and released “Evil Men Do”. For the latest release they have adopted a pop-rock stance with a 80s/90s sound and include a tribute to Jimi Jameson.



Seeing the name “Rossington” had me thinking Southern Rock when I stumbled across “Take It On Faith”. In fact, Gary (Lynyrd Skynyrd) & his wife Dale Rossington give us an album that is more on bluesy than say the country side of the genre. If I said Billy Gibbons features on one of the tracks that maybe gives a clue as to where this coming from.



RPWL are a band that I have impressed me, but which I haven’t listened to that much. Blind Ego are a offshoot featuring Kalle Waller and members of other bands such as Subsignal and Sylvan. From what I read this is effectively the third solo album from Kalle and his strongest effort to date.



If prog metal requires to much thinking, then the self-titled album from Dirty Passion might be more to your liking with its mixture of sleaze rock and hair metal. Like many bands in this genre, they aren’t doing anything new, but this one sounds above average. It has actually been out a while, but only came onto my radar this week.



And in complete contrast, Jonathan Cain from Journey/Bad English, has a new Christian album out called “What God Wants To Hear”. Not quite what I would have expected – think MercyMe, Casting Crowns etc, more that AOR.


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New release news 05/11/2016

The Pretty Maids, consistent, yet largely underrated performers, have a new album out called “Kingmaker’.




Another veteran performer, Graham Bonnet, has a new album called “The Book” out featuring two CDs – the first is new material, whilst the second is re-recorded versions of song from his past such as “Night Games” (solo), “Assault Attack” (MSG) and “Since You’ve Been Gone” (Rainbow). 



I mentioned it last week when posting about the Overland release, FM are also revisiting their past with a re-recorded version of “Indiscreet” to celebrate 30 years since the original release.



In yet another Frontiers created project, veterans Terry Brock and John Roth, who met when they were involved in the last Giant album, have released a new album called logically enough the Roth Brock Project.



The other recent release that caught my interest this week is “Solas” by The Answer. Despite these guys also being from Northern Ireland I know practically nothing about them and had dismissed them as retro Led Zep copyists. The new album is apparently slightly different to previous releases and a quick scan of reviews indicates that perhaps their existing fans are screaming ‘sell out’ and accusing the band of giving in to record company pressure to produce a more radio friendly album. But for me it has been this week’s diversion away from my usual listening habits and an introduction to the band.



If you looking for something retro and slightly heavier with shades of the blues, then it might be worth checking out the new album by Glenn Hughes called “Resonate”.




Finally, if you are looking for something even further from standard melodic rock fodder, Dee Snider had a new album called “We Are The Ones” on which he engages with a variety of styles mostly veering toward pop, but the standout track is a piano led version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” which surprisingly is just as powerful and emotionally charged as the original!


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Brits are rocking

The debut album from Angels Or Kings was one of the revelations of the past couple of years. They have a new album called “Go Ask The Moon” out at the end of October. The following is a track from their debut to give you a taste of how good these guys are:



Listening to AOK reminds me of FM, who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Indiscreet. Lead singer, Steve Overland, has a new solo album out called “Contagious”.



And talking of Brit acts that are still around, the Tygers Of Pan Tang have just released a new album, “Only The Brave”, produced by Harry Hess of Harem Scarem.


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New Gilbert Neal release

The eclecticism of Gilbert Neal might suggest a changeling, or a dilettante, or maybe a jack of all trades and master of none. But such a characterization would miss the mark. Neal is more curious than distracted, more inquisitive than restless. In his mastery of rock, funk, folk, blues, jazz, and even musical theatre, he embodies the modern pop artist: an intrepid tourist of styles.

Gilbert Neal - The Mayor of Estes ParkAfter releasing four albums independently, Neal created his Wampus debut, The Mayor of Estes Park, by raising every bar — from songwriting to performance to arrangements. From the existential funk of “God’s Board Game” to the plaintive wit of “Four Chords” to the loopy joy of “I Had a Girl,” he grabs with hooks and grooves, pranks and koans. Swinging from the mainstream to the fringe, he is earnestly sincere one minute and brutally sardonic the next.

“The Beatles were my first and most powerful influence,” he says. “I don’t think saying that you ‘love’ the Beatles is sufficient. I think it’s almost cellular. As the years went by, my influences included artists like Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, ELO, Stevie Wonder, and Steely Dan. And being a bassist for a local theater sparked my love of the form mastered by Sondheim.”

Neal sees himself as a dyed-in-the-wool solo artist. “I have tried to be in bands and tried to treat them like democracies, and I guess I’m just not made for that sort of thing,” he says. “When I got done with my last democracy, I just wanted to chuck everything. That lasted about two years. And then my first solo album came out, which was more or less a purging of demons…”

“All my albums touch on religion, sex, age, and hope,” he says. “I treat them all like musicals.”

The Mayor of Estes Park was released on July 1, 2016.

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