Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa–Lazy

This popped up as a YouTube suggestion when I was getting the link to the new Purple video to post about their new album. Lazy just about my fave Purple track and these guys did a storming rendition. Not exactly news as it dates back to 2012, but worth posting anyway.

Whoosh! A new Purple album

I haven’t really paid much attention to Purple for quite a few years. However, watching David Coverdale doing his lockdown “songs from the dining room table” thing on Facebook recently brought them back on my radar and I signed up for their newsletter. Shortly after signing up an email arrived saying Purple had a new single from their upcoming “Whoosh” album. Man Alive is the second single and I was originally going to post that it surprised me as it didn’t sound like Purple, but listening to it again it does. But there are progressive such elements that I don’t expect from Purple – quiet orchestral beginning, Sci-Fi video, spoken word sections and very environmentally friendly lyrics.