Boston–A Man I’ll Never Be…Just because it is a great song

I was listening to a ‘Giant Rock Songs” playlist on Spotify and that included the perennial “More Than A Feeling”. That inspired me to listen to the follow up album Don’t Look Back, which features this great song featuring the late Brad Delp on vocals at the end of the first side, for those of us who bought the vinyl version.

Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa–Lazy

This popped up as a YouTube suggestion when I was getting the link to the new Purple video to post about their new album. Lazy just about my fave Purple track and these guys did a storming rendition. Not exactly news as it dates back to 2012, but worth posting anyway.

Arch / Matheos

I’m not sure why is has come into my sights this weekend, but the Arch/Matheos album that came out a couple of months ago, Ethereal Winter, has been my choice for listening. Reading reviews it seems that the lack of bass is an issue for some, but overall it is a good listen. I’ll definitely be checking out their earlier album.

Starting again

Well, yet more hosting technical issues have forced a wipe of existing content and wiping the slate clean. Attempts to import existing content failed so far. More work to be done in that department.

New content to follow, although maybe not this weekend, as the sun is shining in this part of the world 🙂