No Hot Ashes

Mentioning FM reminded me that I haven’t mentioned No Hot Ashes. These local guys have done well, despite the fact it took a whopping 34 years for this to see the light of day. The trials and tribulations have been worth it.

Perfect Plan – All Rise

Don’t know anything about these guys but they popped up in my Spotify suggestions. If you are into the likes of FM, check them out.

W.E.T. – Earthrage

Earthrage sees Jeff Scott Soto back doing what he does best – melodic hard rock with a dash of AOR. The first couple of W.E.T. albums didn’t make the big impression on me that I thought they would. Somehow they sounded just too smooth. Nothing much has changed to the formula for this album, but it is working better for me. Maybe I’m just glad to see him taking a break from heavier material.

Stryper – God Damn Evil

Stryper have a new album out called God Damn Evil. Since their re-emergence I have been quite a fan. No More Hell To Pay is one of my favourite albums. However, this new one isn’t quite doing it for me. They sound like a rather average metal band. Maybe more listening is required.

Dukes of the Orient album released

Apparently this album has been in the works for quite a while, but I wasn’t aware of it until recently. The background and history behind the album is closely related the band name. Take a moment to think about it and you might figure it out. The Dukes of the Orient refers to Asia. The band is a collaboration between former Asia vocalist John Payne and Lana Lane’s husband Erik Norlander.

As I write this I have only listened to the first three songs, but I’m impressed enough to wake from my Mood Swings slumber and actually write a post after several months of inactivity. Yes, it sounds a lot like Payne era Asia. No bad thing in my book, as Aria is one of my favourite albums, a great combination of pomp and AOR.

R.I.P. Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist with AC DC, has died from dementia aged 64. Co-writer, along with his brother Angus, of some of the most iconic songs in hard rock, he was a key element in forging their trademark sound. Our prayers and thoughts are with Angus and the Young family.

Watch “THRESHOLD – Stars And Satellites (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)” on YouTube

Threshold have a new album out and its a monster double album. It is a concept album, but despite the title, isn’t about hobbits. The album sees the return of Glynn Morgan who was last in the band circa 1993/1994. Sift through my Spotify playlists and a few Threshold albums will appear, but I don’t remember that listening to them that much. I have only listened to a few songs so far, but it sounds good. The song in the video I linked to has a radio friendly quality to the chorus. However, with several lengthy numbers and something like 1 hr 20 mins of music, it seems like more of an album for existing fans rather for those just dipping their toes into Threshold waters.