New Leverage Album

After quite a wait there will be a new Leverage album . This time with Kimmo Blom on vocals. I really loved the last album, Circus Colossus , so this has quite a lot to do to replace that in my affections.

New Fortune

There will be a new Fortune album released by Frontiers. Quite a surprise. If you like keyboard driven AOR then check it out. For fans of bands like Harlan Cage.

Cats In Space

If you like your music to have a 70s vibe to it then check out Cats In Space, who have a new album due out soon.

More Snake

David Coverdale’s Whitesnake have new album due soon. 40 years and still rocking.

New Toby Hitchcock Album

Pride of Lion’s vocalist Toby Hitchcock has a new solo album out on Froniters. Fellow Frontiers artists Michael Palace and Daniel Flores provide the music. However, there is now doubt about the star of the show – Toby’s vocals.

Gathering Of Kings – First Mission

I only picked up on this recently. It is a Phenomena style project featuring a variety of Swedish musicians and vocalists. Right from the off the tracks have a retro in your face AOR meets hard rock vibe. The following video perfectly illustrates what is on offer.

Degreed – Ruins

Ruins is the new track from Degreed.

Mats from the band describes it as follows:

“Ruins is a song about mine and Robins hometown and how it is in many smaller towns – the stores close and the people move to the cities to find jobs.
It’s about growing up in the little town and loving it and still loving it even though the houses fall apart and the people you knew have moved.
Ruins is starting off softer and ending up in a big chorus – It’s a little bit pop and a little more rock all mixed into one, there’s something in it for everyone!” –

Burning Rain – new album on the way

Burning Rain have a new track called Midnight Train released, which I assume means a new album is also on it’s way. I have to admit that these guys, featuring Doug Aldrich, have passed me by. I’m now going back and listening to their previous album, Epic Obsession. A bit of retro Whitesnake meets Led Zep action, which I should have picked up on earlier.

New Dream Theater Song – Fall Into The Light

Dream Theater have released another song, Fall Into The Light, from their forthcoming album. If the first track, Untethered Angel, didn’t fill you with excitement, then this one might do the trick. The extremely fussy Dream Theater fans seem to be generally giving this one the thumbs up. Jordan Rudess does some really nice playing in the final section of the song.

New Evergrey album due in January

If dark melodic metal is one of your preferred genres, Evergrey have released the first track from their forthcoming album, “The Atlantic”, which is due in January 2019.

Getting funky

Two names from the past cropped up this week, both known for putting a funky edge to their brands of rock. First up were a band I’ve mention before, but the Electric Boys’ new album is now released.

Next up Dan Reed Network have new album called “Origins”.

A welcome return from both bands.

Frontiers combinations

Froniters have a long history of creating collaboration albums with varying degrees of success it has to be said. Two of the most recent are Steve Overland with Robert Sall in Groundbreaker and Ronnie Atkins with Erik Martensson in Nordic Union.

Both of these are solid melodic rock albums which sound just like you expect them to. Not groundbreaking, but well worth a listen.

O.O.D.’s The Disorder out now

O.O.D. describe their music as in a niche that fits somewhere between rock and metal and have been compared to King’s X, vintage Metallica and Motley Crue. The vocals do kinda remind me of King’s X.