The Hu team up with Izzy Hale

The Hu have been charming everyone and appearing in some strange places such as BBC Radio 4. Despite singing in their native Mongolian, there is something about their music that really seems to grab at your emotions. They have already done one collaboration with Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach), their new one is with Izzy Hale from Halestorm. I played the studio version below and to be honest after a couple of minutes I thought that I preferred the original. Whilst I was watching the video I browsed the comments and noticed someone say what a special moment it was when they saw the live performance a few months ago. I also noticed someone say that there was video of that performance floating around in YouTube. So I checked out the live version and it is pretty amazing. Make your own mind up.

Mike Tramp–Second Time Around

Mike Tramp has been carving out quite a successful solo career for himself with his brand of Americana. He has a new album out called Second Time Around which in a trailer he said reflected that some the songs have been around for a while and were finally making into onto an album. From this first track available from the album it sounds like he is sticking to a tried and trusted sound. His albums are always worth a listen.

Harem Scarem–Change the World

Well, if I’m going to kick Mood Swings back to life, I’ve got to mention the guys that were the inspiration behind the website’s name……

It happen earlier in the year whilst Mood Swings was on hiatus, but Harem Scarem released another studio album called Change the World. Another short one, very similar to their past few albums. If you haven’t heard them before it will blow your brains – short, sharp and very melodic. These guys consistently produce high quality albums. They are like a machine. Better than their last album? Possibly?

Conception–State of Deception

Way back I remember liking the band Conception, especially their Flow album. It was one of those albums that grew on you and became a compelling listen, despite the fact that I couldn’t name any of the tracks. Conception called it quits about 20 years ago and singer Roy Khan went on to join Kamelot. They surfaced again unexpectedly in 2018 with an EP. This year came the first new full album – State of Conception. Like their previous work, it takes a few listens to work it’s magic. Below is the quarantine version of By The Blues taken from the album.