The Poodles – No Quarter

I first came across The Poodles when I bought their Seven Seas album a few years ago. I like the album, but to be honest, it has always been overshadowed by Brother Firetribe’s “Hearts on Fire” album which I bought the same day.  The Poodles have released 3 studio albums and whenever this album was released it was meant to be a stop gap until the new album was released. However, this one has been in my in-tray for a while and that new studio album, “Performocracy”, will actually be released very shortly.

On this live album the band prove that thye can deliver in a live scenario. In terms of the method used to create a live album, this one goes for music and singing to the fore, with the crowd noise religated very definitely to the background.

Obviously the songs from “Seven Seas” are the ones that made the initial impression on me, but the other tracks all work equally well. Quite often a live album by a band that I’m not that familiar with will put me off investigating them further. With album, that is not ehe case. “Metal Will Stand Tall” and now “Performocracy” are still on my must investigate further list. So, overall a slid release, that does what it is meant to. If you are really into these guys, there is a live DVD which is probably worth checking out.

Rating: 3 Stars ,