2017 Tidy Up Part Two

Nimrod B.C. – God of War and Chaos

Nimrod BC Cover 1500x1500

Not sure why I downloaded this for further investigation. Trash Metal just doesn’t light my candle.

Noturnall – 9


This starts off with the heavy “Hey!” and the following two songs are similarly heavy. Then “Moving On” shows a bit of light at the end of the tunnel mixing heaviness with a bit more melody at least in the chorus. Mysterious has the band in a more power metal mood and this is getting more listenable for me. The albums works for me until the end with possible exception of Shadows which get a little too heavy again. Overall the mix of styles made me wonder at times if I had started playing another CD by another band. Yes Mood Swings was created with the idea of liking a variety of styles, but the mix on this album isn’t quite working for me.

Riddlemaster – Bring the Magik Down

riddlemaster front cover 1500x1500

Like Nimrod B.C. I’m left wondering just that I heard here that might interest me. If you can remember back to the time when a few NWOWBHM that were influenced by Black Sabbath emerged. That is what I’m reminded of. If you are intro retro trad metal then might be worth a listen.

Secret Rule – The Key to the World

Secret Rule - The Key to the World (Cover_3000 px-jpeg)

Another female fronted rock band. I’m not sure I can say anymore. Yes, if it comes onto the car stereo I’ll listen for a few songs, but probably not more than that. With the explosion of such bands it is a tough genre in which to stand out from the crowd. Whilst Nightwish usually keep my attention, I seldom make it through an entire Epica album, so Secret Rule had their work cut out in making a big impression on me.

Security Project – Contact


I’m at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to reviewing this album in that I’m not that familiar with Peter Gabriel’s career. Only Games Without Frontiers and Lay Your Hands On Me sound familiar. Oh, and there is a Kate Bush song in the mix as well. I have to say I wasn’t aware that Gabriel and Bush’s careers were in anyway intertwined. I’m guessing the target audience for this will be intimately aware of Gabriel’s output and collaborations. And that target audience may well be interested in the band’s take on these songs, but for the rest of us it has limited appeal.

The Radio Sun – Unstoppable

The Radio Sun - Unstoppable 300x300

I have to say that I had reasonable expectations for this one. I remembered listening to these guys in the past. After a few songs I realised why despite the name being familiar, my memories were a bit a vague. The closest comparison I can have for Radio Sun is Last August’s Dream. When you put one of their albums on, I’m initially impressed, but my attention drifts towards the end of the album.

Vice – Veni Vidi Vice


Vice return after a 30 year absence. Right from the opening track it is clear we’ve got a Poison meets Motley Crue sleaze/glam/party rock thing going on here. Overall it is a decent album, with the first half of the album making the best impression. A cover of Steve Miller’s The Joker and a metal meets rap track called Turn It Up may have been seemed like good ideas but the Steve Miller cover doesn’t better the original  and the Beastie Boys have already done the rap thing.

Wildness – Wildness

WILDNESS - Wildness 3000x3000px

Reading the earlier elements of this post you might think I’m determined to have a downer on everything I post about today. Well, Wildness reverse the trend. This debut is a real gem that brings a smile to my face when it comes the car stereo. Up-tempo melodic rock meets AOR with a good combination of keyboards and guitars. If you like catchy tracks and are into bands like White Widdow, HEAT and Eclipse etc, then check out these guys.

Well that clears out my 2017 review inbox, with future posts concentrating on 2018 and newer releases.