Private Angel – Nailed


Sometimes you just want some noise. Enter Private Angel. They play melodic traditional metal and fit the bill nicely.

When I put in the words "traditional metal" you probably guessed that they guys aren’t trying to push the boundaries, but are content doing what they do well. They certainly have plenty of experience under their belt as the band has been around for quite a while. These guys have known each other for 25 years and on this, their third album, they are all comfortable with each other and indeed with the music they are creating.

The opening track, "Human Wreck", is an up-tempo one which does what it needs to. Accept are the obvious reference point for this track. I guess they are useful overall. I heard plenty of other influences throughout the album all put into the mix with the underlying Accept sound. "Nailed" mixes in Manowar, "Last Chance" Led Zep (mainly the drums), "Shine On" UFO/Scorpions, "Tramp Stamp Boogie" GnR, "My Haunt" & "Valiant Song" Bon Jovi and Blackfoot on "Private Shelter". On "Kush" the band fuse Eastern sounds on this slow chugging track where the call to bring the troops back home is the obvious modern theme amidst all the retro rocking.

This album is all about friends getting together to play the sort of music that they love. It is straightforward, maybe a bit basic in places, but when your ears want a bit of trad metal they fit the bill perfectly. ,