Lionville – Lionville

Lionville is the brain child of Stefano Lionetti (singer, song writer and guitarist) from Genova, Italy. Stefano started LIONVILLE with the encouragement and help of Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti (Shining Line) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Eden’s Curse, Glenn Hughes). The band enlisted Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art, Enbound) as lead singer. There are a host of guest musicians on the album. Stefano takes lead vocals on one track and shares vocals on two other tracks. In the song writing department the core of the songs were written by Stefano Lionetti with partners include Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti, Robert Säll (Work Of Art), Lars Säfsund, Alessandro Del Vecchio and Tommy Denander.

I have to admit that I’ve had this album for quite a while and to be honest I completely forgot that I had a review to write. The truth is that when I put this album on it is a case of listening and enjoying and the task of reviewing gets put off for another while. Not because I think is will be difficult to write the review. In fact, quite then opposite – because I really enjoy listening to the album I think writing the review will be really easy.

Opening track, Here By My Side, kicks the album off with a great slice of AOR that reminds me of Richard Marx and you are transported back to the 80s when this type of music was in it’s heyday. Not surprising really as when I bothered to check the press info I noted that the song was co-written by Bruce Gaitsch, Richard Marx and Amy Sky (Robin Beck, Marc Jordan). If you love that era of music then this album is a real treat. The various artists that come to mind whilst listening to the album include The Storm (With You), Toto (Center Of My universe), Dakota & Balance (Thunder In My Heart) and Survivor (Dreamhunter).

There is a trio of tracks in the middle of the album – Power Of My Dreams, No End In Sight and The Chosen Ones (featuring Arabella Vitanc, the new lady fronting Scandinavian Melodic Rockers Alyson Avenue) – where the band seem to really be in full flow with the music hitting a particular high spot. The well executed, but perhaps predictable power ballad Over and Over Again may have your attention wondering a little before the band put the foot to the floor as the they head towards the finish line in gold winning position with Dreamhunter. In fact, they opt for the somewhat cheesy option of closing the album with a song called Say Goodbye. Acoustic and a little different to rest of the album, only musicians of this class could pull off such a closeout with their heads held high.

This a great slice of pure AOR that reminds me of just of how much I love that genre which is the backbone of my musical tastes.