Spiritus Mundi – American Dystopia


Can’t say that I know too much about these guys other than that Gordon Tittsworth of Images Of Eden performs the vocals. The Images Of Eden album was a mixture of progressive metal and traditional metal, which was almost too heavy for my tastes. Spiritus Mundi tip the balance and this is definitely too heavy for me. I’m sure there are more modern reference points but this reminded me of a mixture of early Megadeth and Metallica, complete with biscuit tin drum sound.

From the start of the album these guys play really heavy music that tells me they are pissed at the world, or at least the American government, although to be honest I wasn’t interested enough to listen too much to the lyrics. Most the tracks are a mixture of trash metal with maybe a bit of death metal thrown in a well. I found all the tracks to pretty much sound the same, with little to distinguish individual ones. About the only notable moments were that "Wake Up and Die" sounded a little like early Ozzy solo stuff and that the final track lasted for 14 mins.

So essentially a type mismatch with my personal musical tastes. There may be something in it for those who like really heavy stuff, but I think even then are better examples of the genre out there.

Images of Eden – Rebuilding The Ruins



Images of Eden was born in 1999 when main man Gordon Tittsworth went into the studio to record the debut album.

The band play a mixture of progressive metal and traditional heavy metal. Early on in the CD, for example, when listening to the opening track, ‘Crosses In The Sand’, especially when the vocals kick in all I could think of was Iron Maiden, as on the faster tracks Gordon sounds a lot like Bruce Dickenson. However, later on I noted other influences such as Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche and Fates Warning.

As expected with this style of music, there are plenty of twists and turns. And talking of twists, one twist to my usual listening habits when reviewing this album was the fact that I became really interested in listening to the lyrics, particularly on tracks like ‘My Stigmata’. I’m not sure if they are Christian, but they certainly do have a spiritual vibe to them. Checking back on the bio at their website I note that there has been a consistent lyrical theme to their albums focused on isolation from the negative aspects of the world.

Given what I have said already it isn’t surprising that the band work themselves up to closing the album with a melodic progressive metal 12 min epic called ‘Sunlight of the Spirit part iv: Images Of Eden’. This turns out to be the track that I think is the strongest on the album. It is a fitting end to an interesting album.

Images of Eden – Hard Rock Haven Exclusive


Hardrock Haven is premiering a track from the new Images of Eden release Rebuilding the Ruins.

Crosses in the Sand

by Images of Eden

Lead singer Gordon Tittsworth: “Rebuilding The Ruins is a concept CD about gaining wisdom/ strength from our past experiences and overcoming traumatic events in our lives until we learn all that we are here on this Earth to learn. Only then is it time to move on …”

“‘Crosses In The Sand’” is the first track off of Rebuilding The Ruins, which picks up exactly where ‘Midnight’s Tide’ left off (the final track on the previous CD, ‘Sunlight of the Spirit’). The song is (in a broad sense) about forgiving yourself for something in your past that haunts you, specifically from a traumatic decision you may have made that inevitably turned into a huge regret. The song is actually written about something specific, but written in a way to open the door of interpretation to others. The ‘crosses’ that I’m referring are actually metaphors for ‘headstones’ covering our past demons and regrets. Being carved ‘in the sand’ represents the fact they they are not permanent markings, and that we can get beyond them, essentially ‘let the waves wash them away’ until they are completely erased from our memory (or conscience). Essentially, we lay our regrets to rest and ‘bury them in the sand.’ This goes back to the quote on the CD tray card of, ‘There are times when war is absolutely necessary in order to achieve peace, especially if this war is internal. Our wounds will never heal if we cannot bleed.’”

Read Hardrock Haven’s review of Rebuilding the Ruins- http://hardrockhaven.net/online/2011/images-of-eden-rebuilding-the-ruins/, and listen to the audio interview with frontman Tittsworth as well – http://hardrockhaven.net/online/2011/gordon-tittsworth-of-images-of-eden-2/.

Images of Eden official: http://www.imagesofeden.com

 – Derric Miller (Hard Rock Haven) 

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Images Of Eden – Rebuilding The Ruins Available

IMAGES OF EDEN- REBUILDING THE RUINS, is now available worldwide through Nightmare Records and is available at most North American “main chain” stores (Best Buy, FYE, Sam Goody, Amazon.com), many worldwide retailers, and online digital retailers (iTUNEs and many others).  For more details, visit http://www.imagesofeden.com/discography3.htm.  



“Rebuilding the Ruins”, is a 74 minute concept CD, produced by Chris Lucci and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer, Eric Zimmermann (Fates Warning, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Buckcherry, Suicidal Tendencies, etc.) adding top notch production to the release.  The title track, “Rebuilding The Ruins”, was also selected by an indie film company to be used as a soundtrack for an upcoming short film to debut at Cannes/ Tribeca Film Festivals later next year.



What the press is saying:


Rebuilding the Ruins rivals their American brethren like Dream Theater or Symphony X, but also their kin across the Atlantic, where melodic progressive metal has never waned… For pure progressive metal from an American band, Images of Eden’s Rebuilding the Ruins casts them into the category of ‘a band to be reckoned with’ in the present, and future, for that matter.”

– Craig Hartranft (www.dangerdog.com)


this 3rd album from Images Of Eden makes an impact only few bands do…”

– Lars Bjorn (www.ice-vajal.com)


Rebuilding the Ruins goes far into announcing Images of Eden as one of those bands to be reckoned with in the Progressive Metal genre. From deft songwriting to stellar musicianship to top notch production, Rebuilding the Ruins is a force.” – Derric Miller (Hard Rock Haven)


A majestic and uplifting triumph.” – Matthew Bankes (Rising Forces USA)


Rebuilding the Ruins is a great album by Images of Eden that I would strongly advise fans of American-sounding progressive metal to take a listen to. There are enough memorable hooks, breathtaking instrumental runs, and interesting compositions to keep me coming back for more and more. If you’re a fan of Fates Warning and Dream Theater, checking out this album will be a mandatory benchmark for 2011. I’ll go with 3.5 stars here – Images of Eden has created some standout material that’s surely worth looking into.”- Jeff B. (Sea of Tranquility)


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