If Only – No Bed Of Roses



The band kick off the bombastic "Loaded Gun" which has a raw metal feel that reminds me of Chrissy Steel in the vocal department. The next track, "Tumblin’ Dice" has a little bit if a rock and roll feel to it. A decent start to the album, but when "If Love Could Last Forever" starts the band move into a different league. It owes a lot to Cher’s "Turn Back Time", but I’m inclined to forgive because it just sounds so good. Cher gets mixed with Alannah Miles for the power ballad "I’m No Angel" which is a little predictable, but then I guess all power ballads are.

Def Leppard and Bon Jovi get visited for the effective title track "No Bed Of Roses". Aerosmith are a possible influence for "Easy Lay" but the song doesn’t quite have the class of Tyler, Perry and co. Still, "Rock And A Hard Place" gets them back on track with a big rocker which manages to still how to a sense of melody and the following "Red Hot Heaven" also has a good groove.

"Ghost Of You" is well executed 80s style hard rock with a hint of Chrissy Steel on display again. "Forever My Love" is also well executed but this time in the ballad department. "Long Way From Home" sees the acoustic guitars come out and this time I’ve written down Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp and Tesla as reference points. Curiously, the original album seems to end with the piano led "Man Against The World" which reminds me of something that Freddy Mercury would do with Queen. IT is done well, but somehow seems out of place with the rest of the album.

Then we go into the bonus tracks on this reissue. The first 4 of these feature Jackie Bodmead on vocals. "All Over" is a muscular track that is pretty good and the pick of the bunch. The others a decent, but perhaps a little more workmanlike. Live track "Tight Jeans" beings proceedings to a close.

Overall a good album that is worthy of a re-release.

More info: http://www.avenue-of-allies.com/