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CODA’s debut finally get released on 27th June, whilst O’Regan’s third album (Polymorphic Tragedy) get released on 15th July.


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New Releases

Drive She Said – Pedal to the Metal: Big keyboard driven AOR was always the trademark of the duo of Mark Mangold and Al Fritch. And from opening track ‘Touch’ it is clear that not much has changed with these guys. A solid release, despite some very strange 80’s disco happening in a couple of tracks at the end of the album.


Treat – Ghost of Graceland: No such dubious practices with Treat who have used the 6 years since to Coup De Grace to craft another great album.


Dion Bayman – Don’t Look Down: Dion is a completely new name to be, but I believe it is the third album from this Australian. Think Henry Lee Summer, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. Up-tempo happy songs, maybe a little lighter than most of the music I have been listening to of late, but a real feel good album.


Chris Ousey – Dream Machine: The voice of past favourites, Virginia Wolf, The Distance and Heartland, is back with his second solo album. I has been a long time since I listened to any of his material and there is no doubting he is a great singer, but, so far, I’m left wondering if the songs really match the quality of his voice.


Coda – Coda: Featuring Paul Sabu, Vince O’Regan and Eric Ragno this doesn’t quite set the world on fire like you would expect from musicians of this pedigree.


Epic – Like A Phoenix: I read good reviews of this album at a couple of websites I normally agree with, but I have to honest and say that it hasn’t grabbed my attention. Maybe these days I expect female fronted bands to all be trying to emulate the likes of Nightwish and Epica with gothic/symphonic rock. Instead Epic are more in the vein of Headpins and Heart. I like both those bands, but this one hasn’t clicked with me.


The Defiants – S/T: Paul Laine teams up of Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello for a Danger Danger side project. It sounds a lot like D2, which is no bad thing,  and well worth checking out.

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Keith St John Vocals [Burning Rain, Montrose ]
Vince O’Regan Lead Guitar [Bob Catley, Legion, O’Regan]
EJ Curse Bass [Silent Rage, White Lion]
Eric Ragno Keyboards / Hammond [Graham Bonnet, Jimi Jamison, Fergie Fredrickson, American Angel]
Andy Pierce Drums [Legion, Escape]


CODA has been a long running project for everyone at Z Records, initially a dream for Z’s main man Mark Alger
as far back as 2009 that is until now. After years of searching for that perfect line up the label hit gold during
2014. Mark Alger commented “its crazy to think that the line up we where seeking was to be found virtually
on our doorstep with some of Z Records old boys. It’s great to have EJ and Keith back with us I have great
memories from the Silent Rage and Burning Rain album releases and Z Rock appearances, both Keith and EJ
where totally up for the project from day 1 . Eric was originally introduced to me by Tony Mills during late 2005
and we’ve always said we’d work together at some point. Its only taken 9 years!!! He’s a great positive influence
to have within the camp. Vince and Andy are solid reliable guys and obviously already with us, they both grabbed
their spot within the act before I had chance to finish the sentence. This is a very special project and I do not say
that lightly especially after all the superb albums we’ve released over the years so sit back and enjoy, Coda will
rock your world this year”

Check out this sample teaser Let The Tears Fall Down http://youtu.be/nYoKNKMleK8

Coda’s debut can be expected mid to late summer, spread the word