Alyson Avenue – Changes


This band were on my radar at one stage, but I never seemed to find out much about them. In fact, the bands history goes back to 1989 and they released their first self-financed album, "Presence Of Mind", in 2000. They followed up in 2004 with "Omega".  After this the band went on hold for a period until interest picked up when singer Anette Olzon became a member of Nightwish. The band re-released their earlier albums in 2009 and started looking for a new singer. Arabella Vitanc got the gig and band set about the long process of recording this album.

On first track, "Liar", I was expecting something resembling Heart, but there is a bit more of an edge to the sound – maybe a little bit of Romeo’s Daughter in the mix as well. This is followed by a duet with Michael Bormann on which the voices work well together, but perhaps it is little too early in the album this this type of track.

Around the middle of the album on tracks like "Amazing Days", "Don’t Know Love Is Alive" and later on with "Somewhere", I’m hearing lots of Robin Beck in the sound and it sounds good. A couple of tracks, "Fallen" and "Into The Fire", prove that the band can cut it on slightly heavier material. I mentioned Romeo’s Daughter before and they are again a reference point for these tracks.

Elsewhere the other tracks are of similarly high quality, making this a very consistent album. Chris Laney does a good job on production. The net result is a great album of female fronted rock.