Recent Discoveries 11/12/2016

Aussies White Widdow have a new album out called “Silhouette”. As expected it is a classy blend of guitars, keyboards and harmonies. If your like your melodic rock to have a classic AOR sound, then well worth checking out.



If that is all too bright and breezy for you, the maybe Full Nothing’s self titled debut might be more to your tastes.



I’ve never quite ‘got’ these guys, but you have to admire them for still being around and doing a pretty good job at being consistent throughout the years. Enuff Z Nuff have a new album called “Clowns Lounge” out.



Finally whilst posting this brief update I’ve been listening to Liquorwork’s “Psycho Soundwaves”. Not sure  if it is a long term listen for me, but interesting  if you like instrumental progressive metal. There doesn’t seem to too much info about these guys online, apart from their Facebook Page.

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