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First up are “From the Fire” who have released a new album called “Octopus”. Back in the day “Thirty Days and Dirty Nights” was one of those albums that I always had on my wish list, but never quite got around to getting. They got back together  few years ago and released “Evil Men Do”. For the latest release they have adopted a pop-rock stance with a 80s/90s sound and include a tribute to Jimi Jameson.



Seeing the name “Rossington” had me thinking Southern Rock when I stumbled across “Take It On Faith”. In fact, Gary (Lynyrd Skynyrd) & his wife Dale Rossington give us an album that is more on bluesy than say the country side of the genre. If I said Billy Gibbons features on one of the tracks that maybe gives a clue as to where this coming from.



RPWL are a band that I have impressed me, but which I haven’t listened to that much. Blind Ego are a offshoot featuring Kalle Waller and members of other bands such as Subsignal and Sylvan. From what I read this is effectively the third solo album from Kalle and his strongest effort to date.



If prog metal requires to much thinking, then the self-titled album from Dirty Passion might be more to your liking with its mixture of sleaze rock and hair metal. Like many bands in this genre, they aren’t doing anything new, but this one sounds above average. It has actually been out a while, but only came onto my radar this week.



And in complete contrast, Jonathan Cain from Journey/Bad English, has a new Christian album out called “What God Wants To Hear”. Not quite what I would have expected – think MercyMe, Casting Crowns etc, more that AOR.


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