New release news 05/11/2016

The Pretty Maids, consistent, yet largely underrated performers, have a new album out called “Kingmaker’.




Another veteran performer, Graham Bonnet, has a new album called “The Book” out featuring two CDs – the first is new material, whilst the second is re-recorded versions of song from his past such as “Night Games” (solo), “Assault Attack” (MSG) and “Since You’ve Been Gone” (Rainbow). 



I mentioned it last week when posting about the Overland release, FM are also revisiting their past with a re-recorded version of “Indiscreet” to celebrate 30 years since the original release.



In yet another Frontiers created project, veterans Terry Brock and John Roth, who met when they were involved in the last Giant album, have released a new album called logically enough the Roth Brock Project.



The other recent release that caught my interest this week is “Solas” by The Answer. Despite these guys also being from Northern Ireland I know practically nothing about them and had dismissed them as retro Led Zep copyists. The new album is apparently slightly different to previous releases and a quick scan of reviews indicates that perhaps their existing fans are screaming ‘sell out’ and accusing the band of giving in to record company pressure to produce a more radio friendly album. But for me it has been this week’s diversion away from my usual listening habits and an introduction to the band.



If you looking for something retro and slightly heavier with shades of the blues, then it might be worth checking out the new album by Glenn Hughes called “Resonate”.




Finally, if you are looking for something even further from standard melodic rock fodder, Dee Snider had a new album called “We Are The Ones” on which he engages with a variety of styles mostly veering toward pop, but the standout track is a piano led version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” which surprisingly is just as powerful and emotionally charged as the original!


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