New Rainbow?

You might have thought the days of Rainbow were long gone, but Ritchie has issued a version of this Blackmore’s Night song under the Rainbow moniker. Doesn’t sound much like Rainbow to me, but I guess Rainbow is whatever Ritchie decides it is going to be.


New Alliance

Robert Berry is back with bandmates Gary Phil and David Lauser for a new Alliance album on Escape Music called Fire And Grace.

New SOTO album

Jeff Scott Soto’s most recent project is his self titled band. The first album was all a bit heavy for my tastes. Maybe I’m falling out of love with my favourite singer as Sons of Apollo didn’t impress me either. I’ll hold fire passing judgement on this one as repeated listens might be required to get the best from it.


New First Signal Album

There is also another First Signal album out. This features Harry Hess from Harem Scarem. I love Harry’s voice, but something about the First Signal project just doesn’t connect with me. It sounds just a little too like Harem Scarem and I’m let wondering what’s the point of the project. Having said that I’ll give the album a few spins 🙂

New Crazy Lixx

Crazy Lixx have a new album called “Forever Wild” out. These guys have been reasonably consistent over the years and it is no different this time. A catchy set of tunes, which maybe don’t stay in your head as much as they deserve to. The usual 80’s retro sound is present.

Eden’s Curse call it a day

I’ve just watched a Facebook video by Paul Logue of Eden’s Curse explaining why they have decided to call time on the band. They lost a shed load of money on the Cardinal tour and given the lack of numbers at recent UK gigs and declining album sales due to streaming etc, it just wasn’t financially viable to continue. So Paul is stepping away from music for a while to concentrate on a new day job. Good luck with the new job Paul and I hope you find the time and enthusiasm to give us more music at some point in the future.

New Leverage Album

After quite a wait there will be a new Leverage album . This time with Kimmo Blom on vocals. I really loved the last album, Circus Colossus , so this has quite a lot to do to replace that in my affections.

New Fortune

There will be a new Fortune album released by Frontiers. Quite a surprise. If you like keyboard driven AOR then check it out. For fans of bands like Harlan Cage.

Cats In Space

If you like your music to have a 70s vibe to it then check out Cats In Space, who have a new album due out soon.

More Snake

David Coverdale’s Whitesnake have new album due soon. 40 years and still rocking.

New Toby Hitchcock Album

Pride of Lion’s vocalist Toby Hitchcock has a new solo album out on Froniters. Fellow Frontiers artists Michael Palace and Daniel Flores provide the music. However, there is now doubt about the star of the show – Toby’s vocals.