Black Paisley– Late Bloomer Review

Black Paisley - Late Bloomer cover


So the benefit of bad weather here in Northern Ireland is that I get to catch up on music that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to listen to.

First up is Black Paisley who I have the admit based in their name alone I might have skipped over, assuming the music on offer was of a heavier variety. The press release lets me know that the band are actually named after Ritchie Sambora’s Fender signature guitars. The band morphed out of a covers band called ‘StephMetal’ and started recording back in 2014.

That reference to Ritchie Sambora gives a clue to the style of the music on display. Opening song “Run Run Run” has a hint of Little Caesar about it. “Way To Something” slows matters down a tad and has a real mellow smooth effortless vibe to it that reminds me of Bob Seger. These Swedes really sound like they hail from The States.

The album is a good mix of ballads, mid-tempo and faster paced tracks with a radio friendly feel with ballad “Coming Home” finishing it off in fine form. From the press release it looks like at least some versions of the album have couple of bonus tracks “Alone” and “Step Back”.